Portal Three Kingdoms - Preconstructed Theme Deck (Shu Kingdom)

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Set: Portal Three Kingdoms Sealed
Release Date: 1999-05-01
Shu Kingdom

A new hero has arrived in the Three Kingdoms—you. From the Peach Garden Oath to the Battle of Red Cliffs and beyond, the intrigue and strife of this turbulent, epic period are yours to relive.

History is in your hands.

"Shu Kingdom" features the virtuous Liu Bei, his brilliant strategist Kongming, and his heroic general Guan Yu. This deck has an intriguing mix of attack and defense capabilities. With its great flexibility, it can outmaneuver any opposing kingdom's forces.

• A Preconstructed 40-card deck
• A Portal Three Kingdoms strategy guide


Creature (19)
• 2 Flanking Troops
• 1 Guan Yu, Sainted Warrior
• 1 Kongming, "Sleeping Dragon"
• 1 Liu Bei, Lord of Shu
• 3 Shu Cavalry
• 2 Shu Farmer
• 3 Shu Foot Soldiers
• 2 Shu General
• 2 Shu Grain Caravan
• 2 Volunteer Militia

Sorcery (6)
• 2 Misfortune's Gain
• 2 Vengeance
• 2 Virtuous Charge

Land (15)
• 15 Plains

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